Starburst Magazine Review


A fantastic review of TMOD by Ian White of Starburst Magazine. As a lifelong science fiction fan, it is a great honor to have been even featured by this storied outlet, let alone to have my work praised in its pages. “This is going to sound presumptuous but unless another author pulls out something very special, … Read More

Interview with A Gathering of the Tribes


I was interviewed about The Measurements of Decay by A Gathering of The Tribes. Read the full interview below:…/…/4/20/author-interview-with-kk-edin

Review from The Gallifreyan Buccaneer


A wonderful review of The Measurements of Decay by David McAllister, The Gallifreyan Buccaneer: “A book so dense with ideas it baffles me that it could live inside someone’s head…I couldn’t put it down. I read it every spare minute I had.”…/book…/

Review From Bradley Horner


A fantastic review of The Measurements of Decay from Bradley Horner. Thank you Bradley!

Clothbound Giveaway


To celebrate the release of The Measurements of Decay, there is now a giveaway on Goodreads for 5 signed copies of the special, clothbound edition of the novel.   These are pre-publication copies, of which only 10 shall ever exist. Good luck! Enter at the below link: